January 25, 2017


finished is better than perfect

When Finished is Better Than Perfect

This is my first time blogging. Truth be told, I am not a writer at heart but I can write from my heart. I am a crafter/artist/art supply hoarder etc. I like making things with my hands, so I tend to be better at showing or teaching rather than writing it down. There will be some times when I will have lots to say but little time to type it up and vice versa. Just so we are clear on...

Classes Start Soon

Sign up to reserve your space in one of Stitch Clinics winter classes. This is a great time of year to knit, warm cozy yarn, lots of indoor weather and when you are finished you will know how to make something for the cold weather! Any questions? Feel free to contact me directly: marissa@stitchclinic.com....