February 28, 2017


When and where to buy yarn? A festival of course

I like to buy most of my yarn at festivals. Why? Because they are so much fun and the selection is so much bigger and better! I have a few favorites that I drag my family to every chance I get. If you see a wool and sheep festival advertised, don’t think that it’s just yarn! These are some of the things you will see: (not every festival has all of these items but a good selection of them) yarn...

Knit Stitch Front

When is it a Knit or a Purl?

Purl and knit stitches are practically twins. When first learning how to knit it can be very confusing to recognize the difference between a knit stitch and a purl stitch. To give a better visual aid, I like to think of the worked stitches as scarves (as in something that you wrap around your neck when cold and has two ends). Stick with me, might seem a little bonkers but it really helps. Meet my friend, Little Bear Pierre: *Knit...