July 25, 2017



Saying Goodbye

This is a personal post, something I have been trying to tackle for a long time. I am in the process of getting rid of stuff and saying goodbye to THINGS. Stuff that I don’t want any more. Stuff that doesn’t work any more. Stuff that I’m just tired of looking at. Stuff that other people have given me that just isn’t useful to me or even my taste. Stuff that just doesn’t make sense to own any more. I...

Finished Bag

When Converting a Purse into a Cross Body

I have a new(ish) purse.  It was a great price, color and size. It has lots of pockets in just the right places for what I need to organize. Only downside is it has a single short strap.  It looks great but when wearing a slick wintry jacket it doesn’t stay put and don’t even mention when bending over how it swings down and almost knocks me out. I have always liked cross body bags but they became essential once...