Gap-tas-tic Cowl by Jen Geigley

Summer Knitting

The summer is coming to a close, without fail we get to the end of the summer before I’ve done even a quarter of what I planned. It holds true for my summer knitting as well as the kids summer bucket list. I am still working on a cowl that I started in the spring. I just have to do the bind off. I found this cowl pattern last year and knew exactly what yarn to use. I have been...


When to Say Goodbye

This is a personal post, something I have been trying to tackle for a long time. I am in the process of getting rid of stuff. Stuff that I don’t want any more. Stuff that doesn’t work any more. Stuff that I’m just tired of looking at. Stuff that other people have given me that just isn’t useful to me or even my taste. Stuff that just doesn’t make sense to own any more. I plan on going through every...

Knit Stitch Front

When is it a Knit or a Purl?

Purl and knit stitches are practically twins. When first learning how to knit it can be very confusing to recognize the difference between a knit stitch and a purl stitch. To give a better visual aid, I like to think of the worked stitches as scarves (as in something that you wrap around your neck when cold and has two ends). Stick with me, might seem a little bonkers but it really helps. Meet my friend, Little Bear Pierre: *Knit...