Finished Bag

When Converting a Purse into a Cross Body

I have a new(ish) purse.  It was a great price, color and size. It has lots of pockets in just the right places for what I need to organize. Only downside is it has a single short strap.  It looks great but when wearing a slick wintry jacket it doesn’t stay put and don’t even mention when bending over how it swings down and almost knocks me out. I have always liked cross body bags but they became essential once...

straighten fabric edge

Essential Tutorial: Straighten Fabric Edge

This is an essential skill when making anything that requires straight edges like quilting, tote bag straps etc. I suggest investing in a good rotary cutter and a decent sized self-healing cutting mat. Bigger is better, I use a 18″ x 24″ mat because that is what I bought a long time ago, I would go bigger if ever I get the chance. Go slowly with a rotary cutter, you will be sorry if you don’t. Also, make sure you...